Yesterday was a beautiful day for a walk in our park. Mollie & I on our leashes sniffing out all of the news left by the other visitors to the park. So there we were, on our morning walk, checking out all of the exciting smells of the park ....

About the time we got close to the water fountain at the baseball field, a group of 6 or 7 kids started walking to greet us. Now, I yam pretty discreet about doing my, well, you know, business. But, Mollie - let's just say if there's a crowd around, she can find some pretty inopportune times to poop. As the kids got closer, sure enough, Mollie started doing that sniffing, circling thing. You can guess what happened next.

Things only got more interesting from here.

I don't know what Mollie had been eating...but I don't think it was good. 
Let's just say it was a little better than a puddle.
My Mom was trying to get a poop bag out of her pocket. 
She didn't see the kids, who got to us about that time.
Seeing the kids, me & Mollie got excited.
Mollie stepped in her poop. Her "bell-bottom" fur around her feet got all nasty.
Then Mollie stepped on my foot. 
My Mom got excited. 
The kids got excited, but they backed up.
I got excited.
Then, I stepped in it & I stepped on Mom's shoe.
We all did some sort of poop dance while the humans made funny noises.
The kids all left.
There was poop everywhere.
Little Miss Bossy Pants sure looked proud - poop & all.
Mollie always looks proud. Mom would never take pictures with that stuff on us - so you won't see any of that here!


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