Somebody needs to call Hugh Woofner of PlayDog Magazine!
I don't enter a lot of contests. This week the opportunity to be on the cover of American Dog Magazine came around. I just couldn't pass up all of the PAWsitivity of pit bull dogs on the cover of a national magazine. Who wouldn't want to be a Cover Dog!?! And no, the above picture is not the one entered in this contest.

If you would like to help me do this, it's really easy, please click here & then click VOTE to vote for me! You can vote once every 24 hours from each computer and Smart Phone. And once you vote, you can share this link with your friends too. This contest ends at 5pm (MST) on Thursday, May 2.

I yam just a big ole spot headed boy, trying to make a difference for pit bull dogs everywhere. Win or lose, I will keep working for dogs that look like me!  Thank you for your help.

I yam Mr. Buddy Rose & I yam a very good boy!
04/28/2013 11:48am

Go Team Buddy!
We wuffs you.


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