Do you want to know a pretty easy way to help change people's minds in your own neighborhood about us pit bull dogs? Do you walk your pit bull in your neighborhood? Teach your dog to "sit" & catch treats. When you are walking your dog always carry a pocketful of treats. When you see neighborhood children, talk to them about your dog. Then say watch this, ask your dog to "sit" & toss him/her a treat to catch. The children will be fascinated that your dog can catch treats! They will! Then ask the children if they would like to try it. I love kids, but sometimes they are scared of me & don't want to get too close. They can toss me treats from 4 or 5 feet away. They always have to tell me to "sit" first. 
Sometimes they get a little excited when they want me to sit.
Okay. Now my young friend is asking me to "Sit."
Once I sit, he can toss me the treat!
Sometimes, I yam a much better treat catcher than some of them are treat throwers, but it's all good! One day one little boy took a bite of MY treat before he tossed the rest to me! <shaking head> Oh well! Sometimes I can have a crowd of 10 or more children around me on my walks. Those that know me always want to run up & pet me & toss me treats. Some of the grown-ups have even changed their mind about us pit bull type dogs too! If your doggie can already "sit" & catch treats, you're ready to start changing minds in your own neighborhood! Ready! Set! GO! OH! Wait, "SIT!"

I yam Mr. Buddy Rose & I yam a very GOOD BOY!



02/12/2013 6:30pm

Love love love you Mr. Buddy Rose!


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