Yesterday was a beautiful day for a walk in our park. Mollie & I on our leashes sniffing out all of the news left by the other visitors to the park. So there we were, on our morning walk, checking out all of the exciting smells of the park ....

About the time we got close to the water fountain at the baseball field, a group of 6 or 7 kids started walking to greet us. Now, I yam pretty discreet about doing my, well, you know, business. But, Mollie - let's just say if there's a crowd around, she can find some pretty inopportune times to poop. As the kids got closer, sure enough, Mollie started doing that sniffing, circling thing. You can guess what happened next.

Things only got more interesting from here.

I don't know what Mollie had been eating...but I don't think it was good. 
Let's just say it was a little better than a puddle.
My Mom was trying to get a poop bag out of her pocket. 
She didn't see the kids, who got to us about that time.
Seeing the kids, me & Mollie got excited.
Mollie stepped in her poop. Her "bell-bottom" fur around her feet got all nasty.
Then Mollie stepped on my foot. 
My Mom got excited. 
The kids got excited, but they backed up.
I got excited.
Then, I stepped in it & I stepped on Mom's shoe.
We all did some sort of poop dance while the humans made funny noises.
The kids all left.
There was poop everywhere.
Little Miss Bossy Pants sure looked proud - poop & all.
Mollie always looks proud. Mom would never take pictures with that stuff on us - so you won't see any of that here!
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Almost a year ago I met a little girl named Sunshine. She was very, very shy and really scared of me and my older sister, Mollie the Mini-Schnauzer. When I first met her, she hid behind her foster parents and would not come close to me. After seeing her several times, I realized her life was a lot like my own.

You see, in June of last year, Sunshine was a foster child in the care of my neighbors. She’s a beautiful little 6-year-old whose life had not always been the best. Neglected, possibly abused, Sunshine had been taken from her biological mother by the courts. She suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I started seeing Sunshine pretty regularly on my walks and slowly, so slowly she learned she could toss me treats and I would catch them. Soon, she would learn to feed me treats from her hand. Later, she would sit on the grass with me and pet me or I would roll over and she would give me tummy rubs. Her foster parents said that after she saw me or spent time with me, she would calm down and not be so scared. Sunshine does not care that I am a pit bull, she just loves me. She gave me a nick-name. To Sunshine, I will forever be her “Football-Head.”

I gave her a framed picture of me which she keeps on her night-stand. She tells me she kisses my picture every single night and tells my picture, “I love you Football-Head.” I gave her a necklace with my picture on it. She has her necklace on every time I see her. Her foster parents say she can’t wear it to school but as soon as she gets home she has to put her “Football-Head” necklace on.

For almost a year there has been a lengthy court battle. Sunshine’s foster parents wanted to adopt her & some of Sunshine’s extended biological family was not happy about this adoption. During this time, I would visit Sunshine a couple of times a week – or if she needed me, she would come to my house and visit me. Sunshine and me, we didn’t care about any legal processes. We just wanted to play or sit in the grass.

Sunshine talked about me in court.  I guess she talked about me so much that her foster dad finally had to tell the judge that “Football-Head” would not be able to testify because dogs are not allowed to testify in adoption cases. I really don’t think I would have to say anything in court, just hanging out with my friend Sunshine should be enough for anyone to see how much we love each other.

After a very lengthy court-battle and saying good-bye to Sunshine several times because we thought she would not get to stay with her foster parents, this story has a happy ending. I will get to see Sunshine all of the time now. Sunshine was adopted last week by her foster parents – my neighbors! Because of me, Sunshine may one day get her own PTSD dog to help take care of her. Until then, she has me.

I am not a Therapy Dog or a Service Dog. Who knows? Maybe one day I will be. For now, I yam just very, very happy to be Sunshine’s Football-Head.

I yam Mr. Buddy Rose and I yam a very good boy. 

Sunshine drew a picture of me! I love it!
Somebody needs to call Hugh Woofner of PlayDog Magazine!
I don't enter a lot of contests. This week the opportunity to be on the cover of American Dog Magazine came around. I just couldn't pass up all of the PAWsitivity of pit bull dogs on the cover of a national magazine. Who wouldn't want to be a Cover Dog!?! And no, the above picture is not the one entered in this contest.

If you would like to help me do this, it's really easy, please click here & then click VOTE to vote for me! You can vote once every 24 hours from each computer and Smart Phone. And once you vote, you can share this link with your friends too. This contest ends at 5pm (MST) on Thursday, May 2.

I yam just a big ole spot headed boy, trying to make a difference for pit bull dogs everywhere. Win or lose, I will keep working for dogs that look like me!  Thank you for your help.

I yam Mr. Buddy Rose & I yam a very good boy!
I was rescued in May 2010. I was a big ole spot headed boy who could not walk, sit or stand. I missed Easter in 2010, but every year since then, I have been the Easter Buddy! 
I earned my first bunny ears & became the Easter Buddy in 2011.
All of those little eggs looked like BALLs to me! They did!
I stole an egg! (2011)
The 2012 Easter Buddy
One of the Easter Buddy's jobs is making sure all of the eggs stay safe. (2013)
Oh no! A runaway egg! (2013)
I photobombed the Mollie Bunny. Look closely, I think I found a defective egg. (2013)
2013 Easter Buddy
I yam the Easter Buddy & I yam a very good boy!
Hoppy Easter to everyone & every dog!